Introduction to Manual I: The Haiti Land Transaction Manual, Vol 1: A How-To Guide For The Legal Sale of Property in Haiti

In 2012, the Haiti Property Law Working Group published “The Haiti Land Transaction Manual, Vol. 1: A How-To Guide for the Legal Sale of Property in Haiti”.  This concise and informative 41-page document is color-coded and details step-by-step the processes for buying and selling land in Haiti.

The manual is an indispensable reference guide for navigating the complex formal and informal legal systems in Haiti, and for clarifying and standardizing current legal and customary procedures to sell or buy land – a critical step towards formalized permanent reconstruction and development. The manual outlines the legal steps that lead to well-documented and officially-recognized land transactions.

To date, the manual has been reprinted four times and widely disseminated by Habitat, other members of the Haiti Property Law Working Group and by the Group itself through its training and awareness programs across the country.  The manual is being utilized by thousands of Haitian property owners, prospective owners, community leaders and members, business professionals, international agencies and government representatives. *

The manual is available in French and English. Related training materials have been developed in French and Haitian Creole.  A Haitian Creole version of the key portions of the manual is under development.

* It is strongly recommended that anyone using this manual consult with a legal advisor when conducting a specific property transaction.

Haiti Property Law Working Group - Manual 1

Download the manual in PDF in the following languages: