As of June 2016, the Haiti Property Law Working Group through the Land Administration and Management Program (LAMP) reached more than 3,600 people in both urban and rural communities through its awareness campaigns and training programs.

During the week of June 14, 2016, the Group implemented four training sessions in Cap-Haitian and surrounding areas to introduce participants to property law principles and concepts; raise awareness of land issues; discuss the institutional framework of land transactions in Haiti; and provide legal references related to the legal procedures for buying and selling land.

The training program reached 226 individuals from the private and public sectors, including 82 women as part of Habitat’s efforts to ensure women are well-represented. Women are particularly vulnerable to significant barriers to land ownership given social customs and systems that prevent them from enjoying the same rights as men.

Each training participant was introduced to and received a copy of “The Haiti Land Transaction Manual Vol. 1” “How-to Guide for the Legal Sale of Property in Haiti” and second manual, “The Haiti Land Transaction Manual Vol. 2” “Securing Land Rights in Haiti” developed by the Haiti Property Law Working Group to document and clarify land tenure procedures. In all, more than 2,000 manuals were distributed.

The Haiti Property Law Working Group is committed to providing professional training throughout the country in order to address the multi-faceted causes of land tenure insecurity in both urban and rural communities. Our post-training evaluations allow us to gauge the effectiveness of all training sessions and to identify areas for ongoing improvement.